The Other 1%

Recently, I was giving a last minute impromptu talk on the rise of ubiquitous CNC machines in the home at an unconference up in Seattle. The event was called CyborgCamp, and was loosely about the way humans augment themselves with technology. The highlight for me was a talk about a fellow who had turned himself into a publicly traded human. Corporatism and the hive-mind driven to one logical end conclusion. It was fun.

Someplace New

A few weeks ago I got a shiny new Adafruit FLORA kit in the mail, it’s a lovely little board, and a lot of thought and care has gone into its design. Here’s what came in the box:

Only Human

I found this quote today. It’s from section 1.4 The Design of a Design Engineer in Alexander H. Slocum’s Precision Machine Design:

In Othernews

After two years of giant art projects, running away to join the circus, too much minecraft, and the occasional robot contract, I’ve re-entered the world of gainful employment. I’m working at a little independant research lab situated in a former pipe organ factory, called Otherlab.

How To Build a Cardboard Quadcopter

Keeping with our recent all-multirotor all-the-time theme, it’s time for another how-to post! Plans are afoot, and scheming has been schemed. The flying robot skeletons have been piling up in a corner of the workshop, and after several revisions we’ve narrowed down the design to something worth sharing.