I picked up this little rig from JCX Expendables today, seen here attached to our office table and a Canon S90. The clamp and ballhead where both about 55$, a little spendy, but completely worth it. It mounts to handlebars, hand rails, the edge of desks, skateboards, kitchen faucets, doors, whatever.

Mini Clamp Mini Clamp

Why would you want to do such a thing?

Well, it’s really awesome for video. I can attach it to a hula-hoop and suddenly i have a simple camera stabilizer for follow shots. Or maybe the end of a broom, for overhead shot. On a skateboard it becomes a quick dolly cam.

The neat thing about Cardellini clamps, the thing that separates them from all the rest, is how well they’re made. The wing nut spins freely and takes seconds to open or close, but once its clamped down, it stays put. Even under heavy vibration. They have anti-slip rubber jaws that can clamp both flat and round surfaces, and they open up to about 2”. Being made out of aluminum, they’re light and weather resistant too.

They tiny version is very portable, but there’s also a larger version for heavier SLRs and more complicated tripod heads.

So long as you need a clamp that does these things, it’s the greatest clamp in the world.