Vases for Children (2017)
Parting gifts for placing passing perrenials.
Seraphim (2018-2019)
A collection of magicians assistants.
Leather works. (2017)
+1 Bag of Holding.
Iridescent Skulls (2017)
Alternate rules for illumination.
Watch works. (2015-2017)
Various horological experiments.
Quill Seeker (2017)
A collection of magicians assistants, pt. 3
Night Hunter (2017)
A collection of magicians assistants, pt. 2
Slytherin Snitch (2017)
A collection of magicians assistants, pt. 1
Illuminated Artifacts. (2015-2016)
Explorations in digital ephemera.
Ark of The Moon (2014)
A floating geodesic dome.
Your Eyes (2012)
Very Serious Business.
Ant-Roach (2011)
Inflatable robot control.
This Twisted Tale (2011)
Circus life.
The Public Square/The Tower (2011)
Generative art.
Slide!Flash (2011)
Photography equipment.
Nautilus (2011)
Art, for art sake.
The Tin-Can Cabaret (2010)
Circus life.
SyzygrydVyz (2010)
Syzygryd (2010)
A sequencer for the public square.
Cube Cleco (2010)
Sheet-metal management.
The Random Idiot Factor (2009)
I'd like to thank the Academy...
Photography Corset (2009)
Niche camera gear.
Tail Light (2008)
Bicycle accessories.
Estee's House Of Fine Squid Hats (2008)
Cephalopod Haberdashery.
Nevermore (2008)
Leather? Working.
Hatduino (2008)
Brass Goggles (2006)
Steampunk fashion.
MiniDisco (2005)
Essential camping equipment.
Coil DMX Bridge (2005)
Legato for lights.
Star Wheel (2004)
A Traveling Carnival.
Lux (2004)
Battery powered color changers.
An Apparatus for the Summoning of Color Demons (2003-2006)
Painting at different wavelengths.
Octapol (2002-2003)
Knobs for all occasions.