As part of a whimsical gallery event ’57 Biscayne Artist Studios in Seattle, WA I entered the following piece.

Long cherished as a staple in childhood crafts, a pair of googly eyes is the ultimate ready-made accessory. Peering out from the brows of solemn statues and sprinkled in pairs across the city, the googly eye is simultaneously gentle anthropomorphism and a nod to modern surveillance society. Like its symbolic next-of-kin, the evil eye, the googly eye is both protective and panoptic, comforting and invasive. This is a terribly serious art show.

Each of the pieces was captioned with an internet-generated artist statement, randomly assigned to the art works.

The work is a technical drawing for a 20mm googly eye, with dimensional call-outs and a title block written in Braille, constructed from 5mm googly eyes. It reads, “if only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.”

Materials: googly eyes, plywood, acrylic paint