I admit it. I like shiny metal things. I also like snazzy hardware, and for my aerial tissue/silks rig it doesn’t get much shinier or snazzier than the stainless Wichard Clevis Pin Swivel, model #82465.

Three part harmony. Three part harmony.

What’s not to like? It’s got a WLL of 3200Kg (7054Lbs), and a BLL of a stagering 6000Kg (13227Lbs). As I often enjoy pointing out, you could in fact rig that symbol of American excess, the Hummer H2, from this swivel with a 2:1 safety margin. Perhaps not the best improv apparatus, but it’s nice to have options.

There are downsides, such as the cost. At around 150$ after shipping from greenboatstuff.com, they’re going to be the most expensive part of your silk/tissue rig. Of course, there is the smaller model #82464 with a WLL of 1600Kg (3527Lbs) and a BLL of 2800Kg (6172Lbs), which is frankly, still awesome. The only issue with this model is that the shackle opening is a little small and might not fit some larger carabiners and rescue 8s.

They also spin nicely if you keep the bearings oiled with a little teflon. Considerably longer than sealed bearing swivels.

…and did I mention the shiny?